1. Time


Our life is made of minutes… ticking away inexorably… early on we don’t consider the passage of time as an issue. There’s plenty to be had… In our 40s and 50s we suddenly realise it’s going to run out and life is shorter that we think.

And we start to wonder… if only I had done this differently… I wonder what would have become of that choice… I wish I never made that mistake… Yet on it ticks…

We put this Chapter first because modern life for men is often overcommitted, or even manic, the Urgent displacing the Important.

In the Western world we believe more and more that being very busy is intrinsic to living and success we try to fit too many important things into the cracks of our lives, or leave them out altogether. When a journalist asked Thomas Merton to diagnose the leading spiritual disease of our time, he gave a one-word answer: efficiency. Why? “From the monastery to the Pentagon, the plant has to run… and there is little time or energy left after that to do anything else”…WE END UP SLEEPWALKING, not attend to the real issues of life…

A relationship with God should come first and like any of our relationships it takes time!

Look at the time you spend with God and ask yourself does this indicate His correct place and value in my life?

Would my wife or best friend be happy with the amount of attention I give to God?

We need to be convinced, by doing that this relationship with God is…




the purpose for which we are made and live out our lives!

We need to hear the words of Maximus echo in the forest; mounted on a horse, stirring the hearts of his troops…


Therefore schedule into your life TIME WITH GOD , ONE ON ONE, PERMANENTLY!