About Us

The flagship event for the menALIVE ministry is the menALIVE weekend.

menALIVE teams work in partnership with parishes throughout Australia and New Zealand to run these weekends. The program that has been honed over the past ten years delivers relevant talks and personal testimonies, opportunity for discussion in small groups and, most importantly, it provides the space and environment for men to reflect.

The experience of men gathering together at a menALIVE weekend or event is dynamic and powerful. The result is that for many men, they are inspired, encouraged and feel that they have a new sense of purpose and mission.

While the menALIVE weekend remains the cornerstone of our ministry, we have developed a number of other programs in response to the needs that men have shared with us, including:

  • menALIVE to the MAX is a national Catholic men’s event. It’s a great way to listen, learn and grow in what God might say to us. It builds on the parish based weekends. The MAX experience offers an opportunity to deepen our understanding of God’s call and challenge within our lives. With men travelling from all over Australia and New Zealand to attend. This is a weekend not to be missed.
  • menALIVE in the City is an opportunity for men to get together and explore the things that matter. Men are invited to set aside some time each month to engage in a search for authenticity and meaning and to support one another in that journey.
  • menALIVE eXtreme is a weekend initially designed for 18 to 30 year old men which explores how we deal with adversity and challenge in our physical and spiritual lives through a wide variety of eXtreme activities. This event has now been developed for senior high schools and forms an integral element of their personal development experience.
  • Growing Good Men is a weekend for fathers and their teenage sons and invites both of them to explore what it means to be a man in today’s world; a man who is alive, real and courageous; who knows purpose and meaning; a man who isn’t afraid of the adventure, who longs for the quest, who will fight for beauty and will stand firm in the battle with honour and integrity.
  • The Catholic Man Breakfast Series is hosted by the Archbishop and is an opportunity for men to gather and be encouraged and inspired in their faith. The breakfasts feature dynamic speakers and an opportunity to discuss important issues with other men who are seeking to embrace the Gospel and make a difference in our world today.
  • Blessing of the Bikes is held annually and follows the rich European tradition of the blessing and offering of prayers for safe passage for all riders and acknowledging the great joy and sense of community that so many cyclists experience when they come together to ride. Special acknowledgement is given for those who have been killed or seriously injured whilst doing something that they love.
  • Sex, Intimacy and the Quest for Wholeness is a workshop which explores real men’s stories as they grapple with harnessing the potency of their God-given masculine sexuality and using that powerful energy in creative and constructive ways to live with integrity and purpose and develop lasting and life-giving relationships.
  • The Good Man Project is an online resource, seeking to support men as they seek to grow as men of faith, integrity and conviction. It grew out of many requests from men who have attended menALIVE events and were looking for reflection material which was relevant to their lives and nourishing to their spirits.