How to Grow a Men’s Ministry

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“How to Grow A Men’s Ministry”

by Robert Falzon
with foreword by Bishop Michael Putney

Looking around the Church one Sunday morning, Robert Falzon asked the question, Where are all the men? This question was the catalyst for other more profound questions regarding faith, life and real relationships. His questions are not negative or hopeless; on the contrary they guide the reader with confidence and offer tangible and realistic moments of encouragement.

How to Grow a Men’s Ministry offers men a positive vision for life and the Christian faith. This much needed book will greatly benefit anyone who cares about the renewal of the Church.

Most Reverend Anthony Randazzo
Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney

The art of being human is the greatest of all arts, and this book can surely help others to learn more of that art. That is why we owe Robert Falzon a debt of gratitude.

Most Reverend Mark Coleridge
Archbishop of Brisbane

I am sure that many communities will find the process outlined in these pages helpful in reconnecting with forms of male spirituality.

Most Reverend John Bathersby
Archbishop Emeritus of Brisbane

menALIVE is a proven programme to inspire men to grow in the Christian life. It is making an important contribution to the Church in Australia. This book presents the background vision for MenALIVE. I recommend it highly.

Most Reverend Julian Porteous

Archbishop of Hobart

My confident hope is that this small book will inspire many more to pray, to dream, to risk, but above all to begin! The sleeping giant waits to be awakened in each of us.

Peter Shakhovskoy
Cofounder – menAlive

For many it is easy to identify problems in the world and in the church and then sit safely on the sidelines as a commentator and do nothing. We can all see that men are the declining group in the life of the church particularly young men. This is a practical book with tested ideas that equip ordinary lay men to do something about this issue. You don’t need to be a front man, just willing to get off the sidelines and act.

Peter Gabauer
menALIVE Team

Robert Falzon is a spiritual entrepreneur. No book can capture what it is to journey with other men in discovering what God has and wants for His sons it has to be experienced and Robert clearly outlines the key elements that are needed for such a journey. This book is mandatory and foundational reading for anyone within the Church that cares for the hearts and lives of men.

Mark Lysaght
Australian Catholic University

This is not only a practical book filled with insights into men’s ministry, it also an honest account of one man’S journey and the challenges he has faced along the way. Robert is able to articulate a clear ministry model which draws from his vast experience as a business man and his personal quest to become the man God has created him to be. He offers a inspiring vision of what a men’s ministry can be as well as very concrete practical steps to get there. It is compelling, inspiring and insightful- and much needed in the Church.

John Brady
Training Manager, OzHELP Queensland

This book presents a compelling vision of ministry with men in the Australian context while at the same time offering the practical skills to make that vision a reality. There is a wisdom here that makes a valuable contribution to the Catholic Church in this country.

Shayne Bennett