menALIVE to the MAX

menALIVE to the MAX events for 2022.

A National Catholic Gathering of Men will be held at Benedict XIV Retreat Centre at Grose Vale, a collaboration between MenAlive and the Sydney Centre for Evangelisation. The theme this year is “Renew, Refresh, Reconnect”. After several years of almost no live events, we are looking forward to gathering together to support men grow as better husbands, fathers and men of God.

Sydney October 7-9th

What others have said about previous events:

“The retreat gave me a wonderful opportunity to connect with other blokes all good men to address some needs that perhaps I don’t allow to surface too often. It was just good to share personally and to do so in the context of my Catholic faith.” Josh (Gladstone)

“For me, Menalive was not therapy or theology, pious preaching or evangelical enthusiasm, all of which would probably have turned me off. It was simply the power of brotherhood, ordinary blokes getting together in a spirit of solidarity, comradeship and care. We were sharing our common humanity as men, sharing our common responsibilities, interests and values: respect, honesty, concern and care. Barriers broke down when we came together and we became more alive.” David (Warwick)