Weekend Feedback

I attended a MenAlive weekend 10 years ago, and looking back I don´t think it would be an exaggeration to say it changed my life. I had experienced a conversion – or reversion – back to the faith a year before, but it was MenAlive that lifted me out of the mire as it were, and put me solidly on the right path. That path has finally led me to the religious life with an Ignatian-inspired religious order in Austria, where I recently made my final vows and am in my 4th year of studies towards the Priesthood. Thanks be to God for the massive graces he gave me through MenAlive. I encourage all men, young and old, to jump over the inhibition-hurdle and get in amongst a solid MenAlive retreat.”

I found the weekend a powerful step with me seeking to reconnect myself spiritually with the Catholic Church after a long period of feeling distant.

The event has inspired me to make positive changes in my life.

Very Very Good Thank You. I Was James now I am James ALIVE

This would have to be the most inspiring retreat I have ever been on and I have been to a few.

An amazing opportunity to pull aside, gain strength from God and transform my life.

Great jobs from all the speakers who presented at a very understandable level. It is great to see and hear men who are passionate about their faith.

This proved very informative and am sure it will make me a better person, husband and father and will greatly deepen my love of God.

Powerful and genuine delivery with a lack of pretense. Wonderful integrity that empowered men. Inspiring.

Great….this has been sorely needed in the Church.Inspiring…..Insightful ……and Life Giving

Thanks You and God Bless you in the great work . You are changing the World one man at a time.

Very impressive and real …..Real life content

Love it , more please. A must for all Christian men.

Our Church needs this ministry so badly. I needed this ministry so badly…..The personal sharing made the teachings come alive and relevant to my Life.

An excellent weekend of inspiration,fellowship,brotherhood,insight and practical ideas to be a better man of God.

Inspirational .Renewing.My eyes have been opened to what was always in front of me.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation has come alive for me.Thanks for helping me

Outstanding weekend. I have learnt more about myself and my Heavenly father. Thank you.

Guys the issue of bringing men alive in the church is Red Hot. You nailed it God Bless and Empower you.

Well thought out and well structured:respectful,passionate and real.

Thanks for an insightful,loving and wild at heart weekend.I came in not knowing Gods plan for me and left with a road map. THANK YOU!

A great Affirmation and Awakening. I trust I can go forward from here and make it more a part of my life.

I would recommend it to men of all ages.

Thank you for a great weekend.You have inspired my faith. You have helped me find Gods Purpose for my Life

A very good insightful weekend.You taught me how to use scripture and prayer to make personal life more meaningful.

Exceptional weekend. I did not know what to expect and have come away a different person.

Fantastic weekend, extremely well presented and life changing. Great group of presenters. One of the treasures in the Church of Australia. A must do for men.

Excellent throughout, powerful, visionary, good tools to improve prayer and to reconnect with the Church and God.

Well conducted and very rewarding. All speakers were outstanding in their sharing, listening and mentoring

The weekend has sharpened my awareness of my faith and my responsibilities as a Catholic man.

I have been waiting many years to come in contact with Catholic men who really want to live out their relationship with Jesus.

Very Challenging—- giving new hope.

Well Done., about time something was done for men that is practical and simple and comprehensive and life changing

The Sacrament of Reconciliation has come alive for me.Thanks for helping me.

You are a breath of fresh air.

Very down to earth approach. Thank You.

Excellent program— the world needs more of this.The Holy Spirit is clearly working through the menALIVE team.

A great opportunity to reflect on my personal faith journey…..and to get a clearer understanding of Gods plan for me.

I was surprised at how good it was and how much I enjoyed and benefited from the experience.

I was actually planning to cancel at the last minute, but gpoing to menALIVE really openned my eyes and my heart. It is definitely a must for all Catholic men.Thanks.

By far the most relevant, meaningful, informative and achievably challenging church event I have ever had in 53 years of Catholicism

I came with no expectations and was powerfully impacted.A wake up call!!!

What an amazing experience!!! Fun, inspiring and well organized