menALIVE Weekend

menALIVE began in 2003 by organizing weekends for men in parishes – what better place to discover a supportive community of men than in your backyard?

Since those early days, menALIVE teams have worked in partnership with more than 150 parishes throughout Australia and New Zealand to facilitate these weekends.Over the past twelve years the ministry has delivered relevant talks, personal testimonies and opportunities for discussion in small groups. Most importantly, it provides the space and environment for men to reflect.

The experience of men gathering together at a menALIVE weekend is dynamic and powerful. Many men are inspired, encouraged and feel that they have a new sense of purpose and mission.

Come along to a menALIVE weekend near you and discover what it means to be fully alive.

“By far the most relevant, meaningful, informative and achievably challenging church event I have ever had in 53 years of Catholic life” – feedback comment.

menALIVE Weekends 2020


South Australia


14-15 March Clyde North

New South Wales

25-26 April Pymble

23-24 May Nowra

Australian Capital Territory

29 Feb – 1 March Dickson

Western Australia

30-31 May Subiaco

Northern Territory

14-15 March Darwin Download Brochure

For more information or to register, email the menAlive Team.

For more information about hosting a Parish Men’s Weekend in your own Parish or Deanery, please email the menAlive Team.